Lit Buddha Cave Fountain

For this week's product review I decided to take a look at one of our popular awesome fountains that we often get asked questions about, the Buddha Cave with Light Fountain!

I've been needing a nice soothing yet inspiration fountain in order to zen me out while I get work or studying down and think this is the perfect one!

Our fountains come with everything you need to get it all set up and working, I choose this one because I love how the water comes out from the top of the fountain and trickles down in front of the meditating Buddha. It even has 4 gentle white LED's that illuminate the cave to go along with the soothing sound of cascading water.

This is the box you will get, it has a picture of the fountain on it so you can be sure you got the right one. 
Instructions?! yay!

In the back you will find a tube sticking out and covered in bubblewrap. 

You're going to want to plug in this tube into the pump!
Tuck the pump back into the fountain and be sure the tube doesn't come out!
Fill up the fountain with water, be sure that the pump and cables directly attached to it are fully submerged! 
I filled it up to about here in the front too, just covering the 4 LED lights.
You can put this little screen thing if you want too.
Be sure to have the cable coming out of the pump in that little lower left hand corner!
Slide over the back cover!
Now you can plug a cable into the transformer (wall plug in thingy). 
Ta-da! Your fountain should now at least light up.
The fountain should now start dripping water from the front! If it is not, the manual suggest disconnecting the outlet and plugging it back in a few times.

Now I can get work done peacefully while relaxed to this soothing sounding fountain!

Stonewash Striped Backpack

The best thing about summer is the outdoors! Since I live in the beautiful North Coast of Northern California I have tons of beaches, rivers, and mountainous forests up here that I need to explore! 

I need a useful adventure buddy to take along with me, so what better than a trippy yet functional backpack?

I think I found the perfect one, the Stonewash Striped - Button Pocket - Backpack

Not only will this sweet bag help me conquer life in style, but it has one big pocket with a drawstring that will fit most things as well as 3 other pockets for smaller things! 

The straps are also adjustable and super comfortable which is a necessity when you are out exploring. It even has a handle for when I feel like just carrying it.

The coolest thing about these backpacks are that they are 100% hand crafted in Nepal which can literally be considered the home of adventure since it is where Mt. Everest is!

This backpack is stylish enough not just for the outdoors, but also just for school or work. The stitchwork and quality seems pretty superior. 

Now I'm finally ready to set off and enjoy this summer!

Sheer "Rayon Tapestries"

I'm feeling summer on the horizon. Beautiful beaches, surf, and sunlit redwoods. Which has me personally thinking about our smaller tapestries. I love tapestries but they’re hanging inside while I want to be outdoors. I need something I can take outside and help with the sun and wind.

My choice at the moment is the Three Triquetra - Purple - Long Tapestry.

I need to cover up while I’m relaxing at the river or just taking a walk and this fits perfectly with a 22“ width and 68“ length when used as a scarf or stole. I can wrap it, fold or just let it hang.

It’s made of a silk-like rayon which doesn’t match with my natural fiber sensibilities, but the synthetic cloth has the benefit of being lighter, thinner, and easier to clean. Perfect for warmer climates, not so good for colder times.

Indoors it’s a fantastic way to decorate tables and chairs with its Celtic knot-work borders and triquetra pattern. The purple is bright and vibrant and looks great in the office.

The stitchwork is the least trippy part of the item. The side seams arrive a little loose and frequently have some loose threads. There isn’t a worry of the cloth unraveling but it does look messy. Not a fan of the fringed edges as well. They look similarly messy and uneven. They’re tied off using loose thread of the cut cloth as well so it does give a worry that the item may unravel with some tough love.

I first approached the Three Triquetra - Purple - Long Tapestry with some summertime needs. It met those needs with a few misgivings about its construction, but I'm still happily taking it outdoors and enjoying the color and designs indoors.

A Flowery Curtain

One easy way to make your space feel comfy and look amazing is a curtain. Personally, one of my favorites is the Sunflower - Lavender - Curtain.

This curtain measures 44" x 88" so if you have a small window you will only need one, but if it's a medium or large window you might consider getting two or three.

There are a couple things to consider when measuring for new curtains. You want to make sure that you start measuring a few inches above the window. It'll make your ceiling look longer and the room will feel bigger.

For this curtain to work you will need a curtain rod. But you can buy them for cheap at many local stores.

So, the curtain was a little thin for my taste. When I want the sun out, I want it out! But if you enjoy the natural sunlight then this might be the curtain for you. You can always add a curtain liner if you find it too thin also.

What I like about this curtain is the design on the cotton fabric, though over time it does fade a little, but you can always re-purpose it and make something new!

Another great way to use this curtain is to use the same rod you have for the window, but instead place it behind your bed and decorate with Christmas lights for an inexpensive headboard.

Trippy Review: How to Install Plastic Door Beads!

This week we decided to show you how to install our popular plastic door beads!

I'm sure you've seen our awesome collection of different door beads, especially these spiffy plastic ones that come in all kinds of shapes!

To take a look at these sweet beaded door curtains click this link!

Let's take a look at exactly how easy this is to set up!

This is what you will find in your tube! Beads, 2 mounts, and 6 screws! 

First, separate all the bead strings!

Grab your 6 nifty screws

Start screwing in the brackets into your doorway, you should see three holes for 3 screws each!

Be sure to get it nice and tucked into a corner!

One down!

We recommend about 2-3 inches between the two brackets.

Start putting the bead strings in the loops! Leave about 4-5 loops in between each one for optimal spacing!
all done! What do you think?
Now you can walk through doors the trippy way! 

Hope you enjoyed this installation guide
! Stay tuned for more coming up! Be sure to follow us on your favorite social medias @TrippyStore and remember to #StayTrippy! 

Trippy Review: Black Light Fixture and Bulb!

This week we decided to review another popular and often asked about item, our Black Light Fixture with Bulb!

I'm sure you've seen our awesome collection of black light tapestries, posters, and even other items like candles and thought how awesome they really are under black light. Well, you gon' learn today!

So our most popular and complete offering to get some black light set up in your room would definitely be this complete fixture

Let's take a look at exactly how easy this is to set up!

This box will have all you need! Fixture with bulb, mounting screws, and instructions!
As you can see the bulb will come wrapped up in this cardboard sleeve thingy! Hint: you might want to take that off so that the bulb can do it's job! 
So remember to either twist and slide the bulb out to take off it's cardboard wrapping...or just cut the cardboard off! Easier and quicker muhaha 
The instructions come with awesome info on how to properly mount this somewhere with the included screws! 
Even has instructions for dry wall as well as anchor bolts for dry wall! 
To see this baby in action, we set up some of our most popular blacklight products in our packaging room!
As you can see, it's pretty dark and they don't really stick out... let's see what happens when we turn on our awesome black light fixture!!!
Our velvet Opticz Have a Nice Trip Poster really came to life!

The Opticz Harmonic Convergence Galaxy Small Tapestry and the Reactive Mushroom Candle look a lot more trippy now! 

You can see the bulb in action here at the top corner, what a beautiful sight! Happy little blacklight family!

Hope you enjoyed this product review! Stay tuned for more coming up! Be sure to follow us on your favorite social medias @TrippyStore and remember to #StayTrippy!