Mushroom Man Incense Burner, Ashtray and Snuffer!

I just moved into a new place and could use a sweet new incense burner to spice things up! I took a look at the incense burners we have and this Mushroom Man stuck out to me the most since it doubles as an ashtray with a snuffer! 

This is what the box looks like, as you can see it can hold incense and cigarettes! 

The top easily comes off allowing you to easily hide any ash that might be in there!

The tiny hole fits an incense stick perfectly! 
Incense burning in action! 
As you can see there's a bigger hole that would be perfect to put out any cigarettes or joints or blunts. (we didn't have any handy :'()

As you can see, this lil mushroom man is a perfect discreet ashtray and snuffer as well as an incense holder and burner! It comes in very different shapes and is very simple to use and straightforward while being very efficient!

Stay tuned for next week's review and remember to #StayTrippy!