Team Early Bird vs. Team Night Owl

Which team are you on?

Early Bird
In the early morning hours as the sun starts to rise, the world is your own personal playground. The quiet dawn is as invigorating as a cold splash of water, stimulating your brain and sparking your creativity. By noon you've had a full day while most people are still finishing their first cup of coffee. You're on top of your game, so seize the day with renewed enthusiasm for the limitless potential ahead of you.

Marc Allante - Achilles Bird - Poster
Sunrise Wave - Tapestry
Bob Marley - Wake Up and Live - Poster
Dawn Of Unity - Sticker
Chakra Man - Blue - Woven Blanket

Night Owl
In the wee hours of the night, your imagination starts to run wild, keeping you up long past your bedtime begging you to play. Your alarm creeps up faster and faster as you burn the midnight oil. With morning obligations looming, you prolong sleep while anticipating the daily battle with your snooze button. Instead of fighting your nocturnal tendencies, take pleasure in thinking outside the box. If your day peaks outside of the 9 to 5 grind, make the twilight your time to shine.

Mulga - Michael the Magical Owl - Poster
Sunset Wave - Tapestry
Starry Night - Poster
Midnight Mountain - Sticker
Chakra Man Energy - Woven Blanket