Peace, Love, and Hempiness

Hemp is the original coconut oil; a wonder plant with almost innumerable uses. From lotions to protein powders and bio-fuels to backpacks, the variety of forms this environmentally sustainable plant can take on is really remarkable. The United States is home to the most consumers of hemp products yet also holds the conflicting title as the only industrialized country to ban its cultivation.

Anti-drug sentiments in the 1950's fueled a misunderstanding that the hemp plant should be regulated as a controlled substance, even though there is almost no THC content. With a rich history of cultivation spanning thousands of years, including the likes of George Washington and Benjamin Franklin, it's shocking that cultivating hemp is still illegal in many states.

For more green in our economy and our environment, demand political change by supporting hemp in all the forms you can. Whether it's a trusty wallet or handmade bracelet, tell us in the comments below about your most treasured hemp accessories!

     George Washington - I Grew Hemp - Bumper Sticker
      Hemp - Dreamcatcher     
          Embroidered Rasta Peace - Hemp - Shoulder Bag
           Pure Hemp - Purple - Checkbook Wallet

         Colorful Om Burst - Brown - Hemp - Shoulder Bag
           Hemp - Green - Backpack

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