15 Signs You Might Be a Hippie

If your name is Moonbeam or Echo, you can probably just stop right here and collect your free-spirit certificate without reading on. But for the rest of you questioning your gypsy cred, here are some signs that may speak to your inner flower child.
There's a little hippie in all of us, so drop a comment below about the ones you relate to most. 

1. Starving Artist
You're so crafty your initials should be DIY.
Tie-Dye Swirl - Drawstring Backpack

2. Age of Aquarius
You try not to judge, but a date with the wrong star sign can be a real deal breaker.
Opticz - Signs of The Zodiac - Black Light Poster

3. Incense 
You're like the boho version of "Pig-Pen" with a cloud of Nag Champa smoke following wherever you go.
Red Nag Champa - Incense Sticks

4.  Reefer Madness
You've thought about legally changing your name to Mary Jane or Bud.
Green Man - Hand Embroidered - Patch

5. Door Beads
It's like parting the Red Sea for guests to get through your doorways without getting tangled.
Multi-Color Flowers - Black Light - Door Beads

6. Long Hair, Don’t Care
If you're being totally honest, it's been "don't-care-hair" at almost every length.
Psychedelic Hippie Chick with Third-Eye - Sticker
7. Farmers' Market
To you, BYOB means Bring Your Own Bag.
Multi-Color Striped - Green - Tote Bag

8. Burning Man
You list your mailing address as: The Playa.
Kokopelli - Patch

9. Naturalist
You're on the quest for the perfect natural deodorant and nothing's going to get in your way.

10. Vegetarian
When Meatless Monday becomes Meatless Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday...
Third Eye Bear - Sticker

11. Wild Child
You put most Boy Scouts to shame with your natural ability to thrive in the great outdoors.
Fishel - The Creator - Poster

12. Activist
You've mastered the perfect protest chant and your motto is,"if it rhymes, it chimes".

13. Yogi
Even if you just want to Namast'ay in bed, you still make time to center your chakras daily.

14.  Disc Jockey
 Your vinyl collection is so massive it's gonna have to start paying you rent.

15. Wanderlust
You can fit all of your belongings into a backpack for whenever you catch the travel bug.
Grateful Dead - Bears on Tour Bus - Sticker

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