Trippy Review: You asked the questions, we got the answers! Kind Ash Cache and Light My Bottle Reviews!

For this post we thought it would be awesome to review some of our items that we get asked the most questions about here at TrippyStore!

Kind Ash Cache Ashtray Review

Our Kind Ash Cache trays are literally an essential piece for any table. This ashtray features a stainless steel body as well as silicone-rimmed rubber tray that is perfect for safely smashing your glass pipes on it to dump out any ash. The soft silicone smash pillar is heat resistant and is easily removed and dishwasher safe! It also comes with holders that are perfect for 18mm and 14mm glass pieces as well as slots for a poker, for rolling papers, and for a lighter.

Check out the detailed photos below and click here to see our Kind Ash Cache offerings: 
Storage for pipes, papers, lighters, bowls, and pokers!
Easily take it apart to stick it in the dishwasher!

Many colors to choose from!

Light My Bottle Review: 

Our next super cool item is Light My Bottle! With this fairy string of lights, you can easily stick it in a bottle and turn it on to create a beautiful and trippy display! This is the best way to reuse all those wine and liquor bottles you have around! Will make a great addition to any room, living room, or even weddings and events! All you need are 3 AAA batteries to get started.

See some awesome examples of the Light My Bottle in action below and check it out on our website here!

Super easy to make bottles look awesome!

Stay tuned for more future reviews and awesome articles and be sure to #StayTrippy! 

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