Trippy Review: Black Light Fixture and Bulb!

This week we decided to review another popular and often asked about item, our Black Light Fixture with Bulb!

I'm sure you've seen our awesome collection of black light tapestries, posters, and even other items like candles and thought how awesome they really are under black light. Well, you gon' learn today!

So our most popular and complete offering to get some black light set up in your room would definitely be this complete fixture

Let's take a look at exactly how easy this is to set up!

This box will have all you need! Fixture with bulb, mounting screws, and instructions!
As you can see the bulb will come wrapped up in this cardboard sleeve thingy! Hint: you might want to take that off so that the bulb can do it's job! 
So remember to either twist and slide the bulb out to take off it's cardboard wrapping...or just cut the cardboard off! Easier and quicker muhaha 
The instructions come with awesome info on how to properly mount this somewhere with the included screws! 
Even has instructions for dry wall as well as anchor bolts for dry wall! 
To see this baby in action, we set up some of our most popular blacklight products in our packaging room!
As you can see, it's pretty dark and they don't really stick out... let's see what happens when we turn on our awesome black light fixture!!!
Our velvet Opticz Have a Nice Trip Poster really came to life!

The Opticz Harmonic Convergence Galaxy Small Tapestry and the Reactive Mushroom Candle look a lot more trippy now! 

You can see the bulb in action here at the top corner, what a beautiful sight! Happy little blacklight family!

Hope you enjoyed this product review! Stay tuned for more coming up! Be sure to follow us on your favorite social medias @TrippyStore and remember to #StayTrippy! 

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