Trippy Review: How to Install Plastic Door Beads!

This week we decided to show you how to install our popular plastic door beads!

I'm sure you've seen our awesome collection of different door beads, especially these spiffy plastic ones that come in all kinds of shapes!

To take a look at these sweet beaded door curtains click this link!

Let's take a look at exactly how easy this is to set up!

This is what you will find in your tube! Beads, 2 mounts, and 6 screws! 

First, separate all the bead strings!

Grab your 6 nifty screws

Start screwing in the brackets into your doorway, you should see three holes for 3 screws each!

Be sure to get it nice and tucked into a corner!

One down!

We recommend about 2-3 inches between the two brackets.

Start putting the bead strings in the loops! Leave about 4-5 loops in between each one for optimal spacing!
all done! What do you think?
Now you can walk through doors the trippy way! 

Hope you enjoyed this installation guide
! Stay tuned for more coming up! Be sure to follow us on your favorite social medias @TrippyStore and remember to #StayTrippy! 

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