Sheer "Rayon Tapestries"

I'm feeling summer on the horizon. Beautiful beaches, surf, and sunlit redwoods. Which has me personally thinking about our smaller tapestries. I love tapestries but they’re hanging inside while I want to be outdoors. I need something I can take outside and help with the sun and wind.

My choice at the moment is the Three Triquetra - Purple - Long Tapestry.

I need to cover up while I’m relaxing at the river or just taking a walk and this fits perfectly with a 22“ width and 68“ length when used as a scarf or stole. I can wrap it, fold or just let it hang.

It’s made of a silk-like rayon which doesn’t match with my natural fiber sensibilities, but the synthetic cloth has the benefit of being lighter, thinner, and easier to clean. Perfect for warmer climates, not so good for colder times.

Indoors it’s a fantastic way to decorate tables and chairs with its Celtic knot-work borders and triquetra pattern. The purple is bright and vibrant and looks great in the office.

The stitchwork is the least trippy part of the item. The side seams arrive a little loose and frequently have some loose threads. There isn’t a worry of the cloth unraveling but it does look messy. Not a fan of the fringed edges as well. They look similarly messy and uneven. They’re tied off using loose thread of the cut cloth as well so it does give a worry that the item may unravel with some tough love.

I first approached the Three Triquetra - Purple - Long Tapestry with some summertime needs. It met those needs with a few misgivings about its construction, but I'm still happily taking it outdoors and enjoying the color and designs indoors.

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