Lit Buddha Cave Fountain

For this week's product review I decided to take a look at one of our popular awesome fountains that we often get asked questions about, the Buddha Cave with Light Fountain!

I've been needing a nice soothing yet inspiration fountain in order to zen me out while I get work or studying down and think this is the perfect one!

Our fountains come with everything you need to get it all set up and working, I choose this one because I love how the water comes out from the top of the fountain and trickles down in front of the meditating Buddha. It even has 4 gentle white LED's that illuminate the cave to go along with the soothing sound of cascading water.

This is the box you will get, it has a picture of the fountain on it so you can be sure you got the right one. 
Instructions?! yay!

In the back you will find a tube sticking out and covered in bubblewrap. 

You're going to want to plug in this tube into the pump!
Tuck the pump back into the fountain and be sure the tube doesn't come out!
Fill up the fountain with water, be sure that the pump and cables directly attached to it are fully submerged! 
I filled it up to about here in the front too, just covering the 4 LED lights.
You can put this little screen thing if you want too.
Be sure to have the cable coming out of the pump in that little lower left hand corner!
Slide over the back cover!
Now you can plug a cable into the transformer (wall plug in thingy). 
Ta-da! Your fountain should now at least light up.
The fountain should now start dripping water from the front! If it is not, the manual suggest disconnecting the outlet and plugging it back in a few times.

Now I can get work done peacefully while relaxed to this soothing sounding fountain!

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